Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon?

Para kanino ka bumabangon?
Para sa anak,Para sa kaibigan
O sa di mo kakilala?
Para sa bata,
Sa isip-bata?
Para sa marami,
Para sa sarili?

Para di ka lang basta gumigising
Bumabangon ka nang may dahilan

That is an excerpt from a TV commercial, such advertisement really touches the heart of many viewers. “unto whom are we still waking for?” (tama ba?). Some of us would really agree to what the ads is trying to impart unto its viewers. People might say or even think that every one should really have started with finding theirselves, somehow knowing their identity and what to do and deal with the people that surrounds. One should started standing on what he/she believe is right and even fight for it by expressing his/her opinions toward others but still manage to accept corrections and to consider being open minded person.

But is this the only reasons one should pursue in waking up? the pleasure of your own? or having a cheer heart in doing good to others?
How does it sound if I’ll be telling you that doing such is a wrong reason for an individual to still open his/her eyes every morning. that such things would not bring gain to anyone, (a little and temporary would do). Why do i say so? Because you will just end up tired.. thirst of recognition… and finding someone that could do the same thing unto you. As scripture stated: “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit or loss their soul?“.

Would you mind if i’ll be challenging you to make JESUS the only reason why an individual still wakes up every morning? I must know, I’ve been there… and will always be…

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